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Pixelated Ghosts building on the Cardano blockchain

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What is a Ghostchain?

A Limited 10,000 collection of 32px x 32px collectibles floating on Cardano.

The Cardano network has been called a "ghostchain" for years by those who never grasped the bigger picture. Now that finally is irrefutable. The Ghostchain NFT project allows you to buy a piece of the historic journey through a 32px Ghost, who'd have thought?

Why own a Ghostchain?

Embracing the irony, we will build the highest possible utility any Cardano NFT has seen.

We are here to build long lasting products. Owning a Ghostchain allows you to help shape and be a part of what we create.


Ghostchain x FreeRoam

Unmatched Utility.

Each Ghostchain you own makes you eligible for 0.01% net profit share from the FreeRoam marketplace.

Reduced Fees.

Each rarity of Ghostchain has a variable fee attached! Trade lots on Cardano? We'll help you keep more ADA in your pocket.


A Cardano marketplace & hub. Not only will FreeRoam be a generalized CNFT marketplace, but it will also provide tools, analytics & more to enhance your CNFT experience.

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The Lore

Each Ghostchain used to be a soul of its own. When that soul passed, some were split. You will notice each Ghostchain has its own DNA attribute, many Ghosts share this DNA with each other and becaus of this, have similar personalities.

Splitting of the souls is what has made each Ghostchain unique, if your Ghostchain shares the same DNA with 10 other Ghosts then it was split into 10 pieces. Some were not split, are whole and do not share their DNA with any other.

Token Airdrops

13% of the $SOUL token supply will be airdropped to Ghostchain holders through a series of drops. The amount of $SOUL you get is proportional to the uniqueness of your Ghostie DNA. We will let you know when $SOUL token airdrops are taking place.

What's the use?

$SOUL token will be used throughout the Ghostchain and FreeRoam ecosystem. The utility of $SOUL token will also be expanded as we progress through our roadmap. $SOUL will have a $SOUL/ADA price, and be used within our products, Ghostchain holders already have their hands on it!


Under Further Construction.


February 2022

New Ghostchain Site

Developer Acquisition

FreeRoam Marketplace Beta

March 2022

Full Trading Launch

FreeRoam Labs Showcase

FR Secret Market


April 2022

$SOUL Token Expansion

Creator Dashboard

May 2022

Development continues...

Where's ADA?


More Coming Soon.