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Building unrivalled Web3 products with the community first. Be a part of the next great Web3 and Crypto products.

But it's a Ghostchain?

The Cardano network has been called a "ghostchain" for years by those who never grasped the bigger picture. Now that finally is irrefutable. The Ghostchain NFT project allows you to buy a piece of the historic journey through a 32px Ghost, who'd have thought?

Be rewarded for supporting and helping the team build community focused Web3 products for Cardano.
To be a part of the core community all you need is 1 (or more) of the 10,000 pixelated Ghosts!

By holding and staking your Ghostchain you will be elligible for the rewards from the
marketplace at 0.01% available rewards per ghost, periodic airdrops of our ecosystem fuelling token FLIP, as well as numerous future utility based rewards.

Our first product is live, growing and developing everyday and it is called flipr.io.
There will be more.
It is called

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